Corporate Event Catering Services

Whether it’s your annual employee recognition or holiday party, a product launch or client/customer appreciation reception, or some other special event, Caribbean Caterers will make your event unique and memorable. We offer customized menus that please every palate, exquisite decor, and attentive service.

Rather than being limited to a specific set of foods or flavors, Caribbean cuisine adapts beautifully to many different culinary traditions from around the world while keeping its distinctly Caribbean flair. So, whether you prefer spicy or mild flavors, meat, seafood, vegetarian (or vegan) fare, our menu options cover all bases. We can help you select the perfect combination of menu items to please your guests.

Our sample menus provide a useful starting point as we collaborate with you on your final customized menu, or you can choose one of them as-is. You are also welcome to choose options from our wedding, gala, and other menus.

Alternatively, for simple events for which all you need from us is food, please visit The Shadow Chef, our partner company that offers a selection of our menu items by the tray.