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Oxon Hill Manor Weddings

This historic venue in Oxon Hill fits 200 guests.

This venue sits on the Potomac river and its astonishing English gardens will provide you with the perfect nature backdrop for your special event.

Oxon Hill Manor

Oxon Hill • 200 Guests

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Looking for enchantment on a budget in the DC metro area? We cannot recommend an Oxon Hill Manor wedding enough. Situated at 6901 Oxon Hill Road in Oxon Hill, MD, Oxon Hill Manor prides itself on its luxurious natural beauty, which makes it one of the most ideal wedding venues in Maryland, no matter the season. You’ll think you’ve stepped into a Victorian fairytale with this enchanting venue.  Officially classified as the National Harbor wedding venue, Oxon Hill Manor has the perfect surroundings for your out of town guests as well

Beautiful in Every Season

Caribbean Caterers has witnessed first-hand how Oxon Hill Manor provides you with the most memorable and beautiful wedding venue that money can buy, no matter the weather or season. As a wedding caterer, we love working at Oxon Hill Manor and pride ourselves on providing you with a full-service feast to make even your food one of the most memorable events you and your guests have ever experienced.

When the weather is nice, you can enjoy a simple, elegant wedding without the added expense of florals and decor items because of Oxon Hill Manor’s natural beauty. In the winter months, the venue transforms to host beautiful weddings indoors. In every season we are the Oxon Hill Manor caterer that can ensure your dreams become a reality at this historic and picturesque venue.

Spring/Summer/Fall Weddings

Perhaps the most elegant and enigmatic aspect of Oxon Hill Manor is its reflecting pool, which is the perfect addition to any outdoor wedding. Sunken in about two floors below ground level, you can’t see it upon entering the venue, which adds to its mystique. In the warmer weather, you can also enjoy the captivating English gardens that surround the reflecting pool, which helps make this the ideal area for photos and your cocktail reception. 

With no amplified music allowed in this area, we find it the perfect opportunity to employ more enchanting and romantic options, such as a strolling saxophonist, violinist or steel pan player. 

Imagine, your ceremony is over and you retreat with your Bridal Party for pictures.  As you make your first stroll hand-in-hand as husband and wife, your guests are beaconed by the dream-like sounds of live music wafting in the air.  They hear it but can’t see it. They are drawn as in a “pied piper effect”. As they make their way down the dual stone staircases, tuxedo-clad waiters greet them with your carefully crafted specialty drink.  Your guests are mesmerized. This adds a refined ambiance to an already charming Oxon Hill Manor wedding.

Plus, as an added bonus, there is no Oxon Hill Manor catering area at the reflecting pool that could otherwise lessen the area’s allure. Instead, our wedding caterers, dutifully and on foot, are happy to serve the bride and groom and their guests with butlered hors d’oeuvres and whatever else they may need.  Caribbean Caterers thinks outside the box to improve your guests’ experience. A silent element of our rave reviews.

And for the main event, your seated buffet, family-style or plated dinner…

The double-lined, chandelier-lit tent can seat over 200 guests.  With a view of the Potomac River and cross breezes to keep your guests cool and dry in any weather, the magic of an Oxon Hill Manor tented reception is undeniable.  With natural boxwood garden and fountain features within the tent, you can opt for minimalist decor or you can continue the garden theme with opulent florals and props. The sky’s the limit and your style is perfection.

Winter Weddings

For winter weddings at Oxon Hill Manor, only the manor house is available.  If you are having a smaller wedding or want a different style of reception, Oxon Hill Manor is the place for you.  As enchanting as outdoor, inside the manor with it’s well appointed rooms and beautiful chandeliers still provide an elegant, romantic wedding scene.

Oxon Hill can only seat a limited number of people inside the house, which means that a traditional, sit-down reception for a larger party would not fare as well here. However, something you may want to consider is a semi-standing, semi-seated reception – an option many couples prefer. Our caterers can easily transform your dinner menu options from a seated menu to a standing cocktail menu – no problem at all!

Winter weddings at Oxon Hill Manor can be more magical than weddings held in the warmer months for one simple reason: lighting. When the house gets darker earlier in the winter, the lighting in the room can create a romantic, enchanted feeling that makes your wedding one for the books.

Oh, and did we mention cheaper rates in the winter!

Inclement Weather

Stress concerning bad weather if any portion of your wedding is outdoors is a real thing for couples. Not to worry at this beautiful venue.  Oxon Hill Manor has a foolproof rain plan in the event of inclement weather. They also rely on their rain plan during periods of extreme heat, or when the cicadas are in season and could otherwise interfere with your special day.

Caribbean Caterers and Oxon Hill Manor will not let our couples operate without an effective rain plan. Oxon Hill has painstakingly provides many options for your rain plan. They understand that your reason for selecting Oxon Hill may be, in large part, due to the attractive qualities of their outdoor space. While things may happen that can’t be helped, like an unplanned storm or an excessive heat wave, Oxon Hill wants to ensure that you still have a wedding that is unmatched and unforgettable. 

Therefore, the venue provides several stately rooms inside the manor for what might otherwise have been outdoor plans.  Your hostesses can greet your guests in the impressive Foyer. You can have your ceremony in the Living Room with several fireplace walls to use as a backdrop for your nuptials.  And your guests will love to spill out to the covered porches for Cocktail Reception where they can still enjoy the beauty of the grounds. Don’t forget the statuesque spiral staircase for those important family photos.

They also provide coverage so that you and your guests can reach the tented seating area without ever having to venture out into inclement weather, even for a moment. Not many other venues can say they do the same.

Enjoy the beauty of Oxon Hill Manor even in inclement weather.  This is one venue where you will be as happy with your Plan B as your original plan.

Amenities of Oxon Hill Manor

As if all the above weren’t enough, there are additional amenities provided for Oxon Hill Manor events.  Some assist in the convenience of your guests, others you have to arrange to bring in at most other venues.  Some of these are:

  • Chiavari chairs
  • Dancefloors
  • Bridal suites
  • Adequate parking
  • Proximity to National Harbor and MGM
  • Proximity to shopping


One thing Oxon Hill Manor wants to make you aware of is the traffic situation. Out-of-towners are often shocked by the amount of traffic a DC gridlock can generate. If you are unprepared for this, late guests can cause an immense amount of stress and heartache, so Oxon Hill wants you to have as much notice as possible.

Your Wedding Planner will help you arrange shuttle buses for your guest.  You should also fore-warn them and suggest ride-share services to help get them to the wedding on time.  With MGM and National Harbor in close proximity, ride-share and other services are typically readily available. 

Additional Rooms

You have prepared your guests to arrive early at Oxon Hill Manor, they have taken all the necessary precautions…and now they’re too early. Now what? 

Oxon Hill says, no problem! Most other venues don’t provide their clients with extra space for early guests, Oxon Hill provides their clients with additional rooms. You can plan a Welcome Area where guests who arrive early can be entertained.  They will have space to enjoy reading your program from cover to cover and signing your guest book or other activities you may plan. Your guests will feel like they are part of a deliberate reception area and not just a holding area because they were early.

Not only does this entertain your guests, but it also alleviates stress for both the bride and groom insofar as what to do with early guests when our caterers are still shuffling about, trying to make everything perfect for your big day!

If you’re looking for an elegant, romantic, and dreamlike wedding that meets your price point and that neither the lucky couple nor their guests are likely to forget, we highly recommend Oxon Hill Manor as the perfect venue for you!

Oxon Hill Manor

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