Tips for a successful rehearsal dinner

Details of the rehearsal dinner are usually upstaged by the flurry of activities for your wedding. Follow these time-tested tips for stress free planning.


Keep it simple

Since the focus of the gathering is rehearsing for your big day, the food is incidental.  At the end of the rehearsal, guests are usually tired, hungry and anxious to get home to rest for the wedding day.  The meal should be simple, easy to serve, and easy to cleanup.



Choose a menu that is different from your wedding reception menu

Everyone at the rehearsal dinner will be at the wedding the next day.  They would enjoy a different style and type of food.  For example, if you are having a sit down dinner with a chicken entrée for your wedding, you might try a themed buffet of seafood or pasta for your rehearsal dinner.



Never choose cake for dessert You won’t want to upstage your wedding cake!

There are many fun desserts to try.  Be careful to choose something that compliments the menu though.



Have your dinner in the same location as the rehearsal, if possible

Don’t overlook the length of time it takes to get people from one location and getting started in the next.  It lengthens your evening considerably.



Decide on whether you need servers

This adds to your cost but you get the following benefits:

  • You wouldn’t have to worry that your meal is hot and ready when the rehearsal is over
  • Your guests will be well attended to throughout the dinner making it possible for you to relax and be a part of the party
  • You can leave after dinner so that you can be rested for the next day while someone else worries about the cleanup and rental returns.



Consider having the dinner delivered if you are not using servers

We will deliver your selected menu hot and ready to serve. That way you will have good food without the worry of preparation. Order online at



Take care of the details early so you won’t have last minute worries